Laura Bouwmeester finished her Master’s degree Film and Television Studies in 2011. After working as an assistant to the producer(s) and as a freelance line producer, she felt a strong desire to start developing and producing herself. In 2017 she established a foundation, and laid the building blocks for – what eventually became – the Dutch Netflix series and film ANNE+. Laura is committed to tell powerful stories, with a focus on cultural and sexual diversity, as well as strong role models. She learned first-hand how film can play a powerful role in shaping society’s views and attitudes towards sexuality and identity, and specifically feels the urgency to contribute to the better representation of the LGBTI+ community. Important values for Laura, both as a producer and a human, are transparency, honesty and trustworthiness. Laura enjoys working with film makers who are not afraid to break free from stereotypical roles, are passionate and like to use humor to hold a mirror up to society. She can never choose what her one favorite film is, but two of them are American Honey (Andrea Arnold, 2014) and La Vie D’Adele (Abdellatif Kechiche, 2013).