Labyrint Film is an Amsterdam-based production company, that produces quality films and series for a wide audience, putting the makers first. Stories with both social and strong personal urgency. A labyrinth is an ancient symbol and represents the search for meaning. It can help you look at issues from new perspectives and that’s exactly what Labyrint Film stands for: telling stories that offer new insights and make you think. This also means connecting with current themes that play a role in society and producing films and series that create impact. For Labyrint Film, it’s also important to encourage aspiring, talented makers to tell their own stories, with authenticity and creativity. Furthermore, it goes ahead in the battle for better representation of the LGBTQI community. Back in 2013, the company was founded as Dutch Mountain Film by René Huybrechtse and Wilant Boekelman. Rogier Kramer took over in 2019 and after Laura Bouwmeester joined in 2023 they went further as Labyrint Film.

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